Friday, January 7, 2011

We're all adopted

Today in chapel the theme was "Adopted -- That is what we are" and while being reminded about that fact, I was also constantly thinking about our adopted dog who is joining the family tomorrow.  I hear the phrase "we're getting a dog," like bringing a new dog into the family is like getting a new phone or a new pair of jeans, and the two things really aren't the same at all.  We adopt a dog into our family.  We people now have  responsibilities to that dog: to feed and care of him or her and to teach it how to be a good member of the family.  As an added bonus, we humans get unconditional (and often undeserved) love. 

If everything goes well, it's now less than 24 hours until we bring our new dog into our home.  I am so excited and so eager to bring him or her home.

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