Monday, January 31, 2011

The thief

Cameron is a thief.
At night, Cameron will come up with us, but tends to make several trips up and down the stairs.  He’ll poke his head into the room, wag it up and down a couple times as if trying to decide whether or not to come in, and then go back downstairs.  Sometimes he sleeps at the top of the stairs, and if we don’t lock the doggy door, he’ll go out and bark at people patronizing the Walmart across the street.
I came down one morning this week after hearing Cameron go up and down the stairs several times during the night.  At first, I noticed nothing out of the ordinary, and then I saw the pile of animals on the doggy bed.  A rabbit, a cow, a big teddy bear, a little teddy bear, plus several others... all from my daughter’s bedroom.  Cameron had a busy night moving half her stuffed animals down the stairs, but fortunately, he merely moved them -- all were still whole, with stuffing intact.  It took seeing all of those animals  for me to realize that the random dirty socks that I keep finding in the living room aren’t my husband and daughter being slobs... it’s our dog collecting things.  

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