Monday, February 7, 2011

Superbowl... No, scary... Sunday

We had our first big group of people over for the Superbowl since Cameron came to live with us.  Because there were smaller children and so many adults, he and Newbie spent the better part of the day locked outside (thank goodness for a nice day).  Newbie would sit at the back door and just look at it, the run around to the doggie door and bark at it; Cameron would run a lap around the pool and then stand behind Newbie, peering inside.  
Later in the evening, when most people had gone, we let them inside.  Newbie immediately greeted everyone, searching out the people who were most likely to let him curl up with him, and he finally settled on the sofa next to someone who obligingly pet him.  Cameron, however, was shy (no surprise there).  He mostly stayed in the toy room, cautiously peering out at the group, and quickly going back to the doggie door at any exuberant outburst.  Elizabeth tried to draw him out, tossing him treats, but my shy boy stayed hidden.  
Once everyone left, however, and Elizabeth was put to bed, he relaxed.  He re-claimed the couch, sharing only part of it with me.  He shoved his nose into my leg and let me pet him while he lay with his eyes closed, relieved that his house was finally his house again.