Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Welcome home, Cameron!

Cameron Macaroni arrived in Las Vegas Saturday evening.  He's a 74 pound, fawn-colored two-year-old boy with big brown eyes, and he's as almost as timid as the wild deer that he resembles.  He won't eat in front of us; we have to put his food bowl outside.  He doesn't approach us to be pet, yet; instead, he comes up close but then shies away.  He's smart, though:  he quickly figured out that the sofa was very comfortable, and once there, he lets me sit next to him and even pet him.  He watched Newbie go in and out of the doggy door, and now he does so, too (very awkwardly -- we may need to raise it up).   He figured out the stairs that first night home, too, although he was too scared to come into our bedroom, despite seeing Newbie up on the bed with us.

Sunday, we stayed home from church so that we could help him adjust and be there if our submissive Newbie got too protective.  We needn't have worried.  We spent a good portion of the morning outside, where Cameron spent the time following us around (but not too closely), racing around the fenced-in pool, and, once we discovered that he likes stuffed animals (he made my daughter cry by taking her "mousie" off the table and not giving it back right away), flinging around the animals we brought out for him.  He even bowed to Newbie, inviting him to play, too.  He doesn't come up to us to be pet, yet, and avoids Elizabeth ("What IS that little two-legged creature?" he seems to be thinking), but I have high hopes that he will adjust quickly and fit right in.

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